Ebola Fight

Wow Me If you Can…

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Priscilla Chan donates $25 million to a CDC foundation to fight Ebola. It would be awesome if other billionaires would come forward and match this donation to fight this deadly disease.

Thank you Mark for taking the lead on this needed donation.



Take 30 Minutes to Learn Something Today

Are you stimulating the neurons in your brain? If not, make time for yourself and learn something today. Don’t know how to create that website you’ve put off creating for months or even years, start today by learning how to create content and graphics to upload to your site. Want to learn about wine making and food pairings? Read a book about growing grapes and how the grapes are harvested to create that wonderful Chianti or Boudreaux. Better yet, visit St. Francis in Sonoma County California for a wine tasting experience. You will be awe inspired!

Take 30 minutes each day to learn something new. The more you learn, you will be able to recall what you learned from the previous day and apply it to your next 30 minute learning session tomorrow.

Wow Me If You Can


Veterans Administration

Veterans should not die when they go to a VA facility waiting for treatment.

Where is the accountability on the VA side? What happened to people helping people, when did Hospital workers and administrators loose their since of humanity and caring for those who fought for our freedom.

Why is it that a war Vet has to wait days , weeks , months or even years to get basic health care services from the VA Hospital for treatment of war wounds, mental illness. No one should have to die due to budget restraints or meeting financial goals to get year end bonuses. What is wrong with people? Stop this foolishness

I believe the VA Hospitals should step it up and start treating their war veterans with the highest level of hospitality like a high-end hotel would do for their guest.

If I were an administrator in a VA Hospital I would retrain my employees and staff and train them to have the hotel hospitality mentality and treat the VETS with the utmost high standards and respect they deserve, from check in to check out.

WOW!!! A Veteran today!!!



Turned away at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach

I was in complete shock and awe when I went to make arrangements to bury my mother at a Catholic Cemetery in Long Beach California called All Souls Catholic Cemetery, just to be turned away because my mother was not catholic. Although I understand the final rites of Catholic burial, however I never thought a person would be turned away after a death when the family is grieving. The sisters and mortuary staff were so insensitive to our needs, I was so disgusted by it.

For a person considering becoming Catholic, I was turned off by the whole experience. I have several relatives buried at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach who are not Catholic, so…. I felt discriminated against. What the heck, my mother just died hours ago, no sensitivity whatsoever.

“Sorry since Your mother is not Catholic, we can not help you” My eyes have truly been opened
about the Catholic faith and it’s beliefs”

The WOW ME IF YOU CAN factor and the caring of human beings were obliviously missing from this Cemetery, I was truly disturbed by the whole situation. I do believe there are caring Catholics, but All Souls Cemetery needs to retrain their employees on compassion and not operate like robots. After being turned away, we went back to see if we were mistaken about our relatives who are not Catholic are buried there. The staff searched the records for our uncles and aunt who are indeed buried there, but they did not practice the Catholic faith… So was this discrimination? It sure did feel like it was.

Having said all of the above, Forest Lawn Memorial Park across the street was a better option that my mother would have been pleased with.

Mom’s Journey home is now complete. Thank you to the caring staff at Forest Lawn Long Beach.



Bring Back The Pipe Organ

The Pipe Organ is King of all instruments.  The organ is not a relic of the past, but a living and breathing instrument.   The organ should be enjoyed for all occasions, not only in Churches or Cathedrals, but in concert halls and homes. I remember as a child how the pipe organ and it’s majestic sound was so captivating . The deep heavy 64′ foot pedal
which shook the room as the low C note was  played. Or when the organist activated all the stops for full organ , I nearly fell out of my chair from excitement. Children of today should be taught to play the organ to keep this beautiful music alive . I am a pipe organ enthusiast and enjoy playing  at home in my leisure time.20140507-232228.jpg

WOW ME! The WOW Factor is what keeps me coming back to your business!