Turned away at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach

I was in complete shock and awe when I went to make arrangements to bury my mother at a Catholic Cemetery in Long Beach California called All Souls Catholic Cemetery, just to be turned away because my mother was not catholic. Although I understand the final rites of Catholic burial, however I never thought a person would be turned away after a death when the family is grieving. The sisters and mortuary staff were so insensitive to our needs, I was so disgusted by it.

For a person considering becoming Catholic, I was turned off by the whole experience. I have several relatives buried at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach who are not Catholic, so…. I felt discriminated against. What the heck, my mother just died hours ago, no sensitivity whatsoever.

“Sorry since Your mother is not Catholic, we can not help you” My eyes have truly been opened
about the Catholic faith and it’s beliefs”

The WOW ME IF YOU CAN factor and the caring of human beings were obliviously missing from this Cemetery, I was truly disturbed by the whole situation. I do believe there are caring Catholics, but All Souls Cemetery needs to retrain their employees on compassion and not operate like robots. After being turned away, we went back to see if we were mistaken about our relatives who are not Catholic are buried there. The staff searched the records for our uncles and aunt who are indeed buried there, but they did not practice the Catholic faith… So was this discrimination? It sure did feel like it was.

Having said all of the above, Forest Lawn Memorial Park across the street was a better option that my mother would have been pleased with.

Mom’s Journey home is now complete. Thank you to the caring staff at Forest Lawn Long Beach.




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