Veterans Administration

Veterans should not die when they go to a VA facility waiting for treatment.

Where is the accountability on the VA side? What happened to people helping people, when did Hospital workers and administrators loose their since of humanity and caring for those who fought for our freedom.

Why is it that a war Vet has to wait days , weeks , months or even years to get basic health care services from the VA Hospital for treatment of war wounds, mental illness. No one should have to die due to budget restraints or meeting financial goals to get year end bonuses. What is wrong with people? Stop this foolishness

I believe the VA Hospitals should step it up and start treating their war veterans with the highest level of hospitality like a high-end hotel would do for their guest.

If I were an administrator in a VA Hospital I would retrain my employees and staff and train them to have the hotel hospitality mentality and treat the VETS with the utmost high standards and respect they deserve, from check in to check out.

WOW!!! A Veteran today!!!




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